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Tripod Camper Jacks
Set of 4 Heavy Duty Tripod Jacks with Extended #1 Brackets 899.23
Set of 4 Heavy Duty Tripod Jacks with #1 Brackets 776.28
Standard Tripod Jack 653.11
Set of 1 Heavy Duty Tripod Jack with #1 Bracket 277.48
Standard Tripod Jack 240.20
Standard Tripod Jack
Product # 11040
- Standard Tripod Jacks(Set of 4)
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Precision engineered and rugged, all steel zinc plated construction for long life and trouble free operation. Features a Won't Slip Off crank and free floating grip handle for easy, comfortable cranking. Extra strong 3-leg tripod with large area pads minimize soft, sink-in problems. The tripod presents a compact package for easy storing. Each jack in set comes with a #1 bracket and hardware.

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